Welcome to Amplitrex Audio Products! We are the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of The AT1000 Electron Tube Test System.

  • Tests hundreds of popular audio vacuum tubes
  • Regulated, overcurrent-protected power supplies
  • Easy to use, just select tube and start the test
  • Tests for emission, transconductance, and gas/leakage
  • Optionally tests Pentodes and Tetrodes in Triode Mode
  • Selectable Fixed or Auto Bias modes
  • Selectable Timed or Manual Test modes
  • Detects “run-away” power tubes
  • Built-in Headphone amplifier
  • Rugged, industrial-quality construction
  • Connect to PC computer for additional features
  • Free TubeTest© Software
  • Free tubedata (test settings) updates
  • One-Year Warranty