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List of Preloaded Tubes

The test setup data for each tube, including the voltage settings and the expected emission current and transconductance, is stored in an on-board EEPROM device. This memory device retains its memory with power off, so tubes can be tested without connecting the unit to a computer. Tube test settings can be modified using a personal computer, or new tubes added, and the resulting data file uploaded to the AT1000. The same data file is used by the TubeTest© software to set test defaults. Here is a list of the tubes currently pre-loaded:

00A 01A 10-250 10-350 10-425 101D* 101D-PSV 112A 12A6 12AB5 12AT7 12AU6 12AU7 12AU8 12AV6 12AV7 12AX7 12AY7 12AZ7 12B4 12BA6 12BD6 12BE6 12BH7 12BV7 12BY7 12BZ7 12C8 12DQ6 12DQ7 12DW7 12E1-1 12E1-2 12EN6 12G4 12GN7 12H4 12JB6* 12L6 12SA7 12SF7 12SH7 12SJ7 12SK7 12SL7 12SN7 12SQ7 12V6 12W6 12X4 13EM7 145 1614 1619 1621 1622 1626 1629 1631 1632 1852 1853 200A 201 201A 205D* 211* 24 242C* 245 247A 26 26-180 27 272A 284D* 2A3 2A5 2A6 2C51* 2C52 2DF4 2E24 2E26 2E5 30 300B 300B-2.5V 301A 31 310A-1 310A-2 311B 316A* 32 336A 34 35 350B 350B1 352A 36 37 38 39 3A5* 3A/167M-1* 3A/167M-2* 3D21 3Q4* 3Q5 4020A 4033L* 41 417A-1* 417A-2* 42 x 436A* 437A-1* 437A-2* x 44 45 46 46-T 47 4CX250B* 4P1L* 50 51 55 5591 56 5654 5670* 5687-1 5687-2 5691 5692 5693 57 5718-1* 5718-2* 5726 5749 5751 5755 5763 58 5814 5840* 5842-1* 5842-2* 5871 5879 5881 5902* 5932 5933 5963 5965 5992 5998 5AR4 5AU4 5R4 5U4 5V6 5Y3 6005 6021* 6057 6058 6060 6067 6072 6080 6084 6085 6094* 6100 6111* 6112* 6113 6134 6135 6136 6137 6146 6146-500 6188 6189 6197 6201 6203 6211 6227 6267 6336* 6350 6384* 6386* 6414 6463 6485 6520 6528* 6550 6550-450 6550-500 6660 6664 6679 6680 6681 6688 6829 6900 6913 6922 6973 6A3 6A4 6A5G 6AB4 6AB5 6AB7 6AC5 6AC7 6AD6 6AF6 6AG5 6AG6 6AG7 6AH4 6AH6 6AJ7 6AJ8 6AK5 6AK6 6AK8 6AL5 6AN5 6AN8 6AQ5 6AQ6 6AQ8 6AR6* 6AS5 6AS7 6AT6 6AT8 6AU5 6AU6 6AU6-T 6AU8 6AV5 6AV6 6AW8 6AY5 6AZ8 6B4 6BA6 6BA8 6BC8 6BD6 6BE6 6BF5 6BG6 6BG7 6BH6 6BH8 6BJ6 6BK5 6BL7 6BL8 6BM8 6BN4 6BN8 6BQ5 6BQ5-320 6BQ5-400 6BQ6 6BQ7 6BR5 6BR8 6BS8 6BV8 6BW4 6BX7 6BY8 6BZ6 6C33C* 6C4 6C41C* 6C5 6C6 6C8 6C10* 6CA4 6CA7 6CB6 6CD6 6CD7 6CF6 6CF8 6CG6 6CG7 6CL6 6CM6 6CM7 6CS5 6CS6 6CS7 6CU6 6CW4* 6CW5 6CX8 6CZ5 6D6 6DA5 6DA6 6DC6 6DE6 6DG6 6DJ8 6DL4 6DL5 6DN7 6DQ6 6DR4 6DZ4 6E5 6EA7GE 6EA7RC 6EA8 6EF6 6EJ7 6EM7RC 6EM7TS 6ER5 6ES8 6EU7* 6EV7 6EY6 6EZ5 6F5 6F6 6F8 6FC8 6FG6 6FQ7 6FS5 6FW8 6G5 6G6 6GB5* 6GH8 6GL7 6GK5 6GK6 6GM5 6GN8 6GU7 6GW8 6H6 6H30-1 6H30-2 6H30-3 6HA5 6HF5* 6HF8 6HR6 6HU6 6HV5A* 6HZ6 6HZ8 6J1 6J4P 6J5 6J6 6J7 6J8G 6JB6* 6JE6* 6JE8 6JF6* 6JK6 6JL8 6JT6* 6JT8 6JV8 6JS6* 6K6 6K7 6K11* 6KD6* 6KR8 6KS8 6KT8 6KV8 6L6 6L6-T 6L6-350 6L6-450 6L6HK 6LB6* 6LB8 6LF6* 6LF8 6LQ8 6LU8* 6LY8 6ME10 6ME5 6MV8 6N1P 6N1P-2 6N16B* 6N2P 6N3 6N30PDR 6N3P* 6N5 6N6 6N6P 6N7 6N8P 6P15 6Q11* 6Q7 6R8 6S19P 6S3P-EV 6S4 6S4A 6S4P 6S45PE 6SC7 6SD7 6SF5 6SF7 6SH7 6SJ7 6SK7 6SL7 6SN7 6SQ7 6SR7 6SS7 6SU7 6SZ7 6T5 6T8 6U10* 6U5 6U6 6U7 6U8 6V6 6W6 6X4 6X5 6Y6 7025 7027 7044 7062 71A 71A-180 717A 7184 7189 7199 7233 7236 7247 7308 7355 7403* 7408 75 7543 7581 7586* 7591 76 77 7754 7788 78 7868* 7B4* 7B6* 7B7* 7C5* 7DJ8 7EY6 7F7* 7N7* 8032 805* 807 809 813* 814 8416 8417 845* 85 8552 864 89 8950* AC701* AC761* C3G* C3M* CK5755 CV1075 CV1186 CV1286 CV133 CV140 CV181 CV1831 CV1911 CV1912 x CV1938 CV1940 CV1947 CV1948 CV2714 x CV2817 CV283 x CV2938 CV2975 CV321 CV4004 CV4068 CV509 CV5094 CV510 CV511 CV515 CV5220 CV525 CV526 CV5354 CV586 CV610 CV658 CV730 CV731 CV750 CV843 CV852 D3A D-86326* x E180CC E182CC E188CC E282F E288CC E55L* E80CC E80F E80L E806S E810F E81CC E82CC E83CC E83F E86C E88C E88CC E90CC EAF801 EAM86 EBC41* x EC806S EC88 EC90 ECC31 ECC32 ECC33 ECC34 ECC35 ECC40* x ECC801 ECC802 ECC803 ECC808 ECC81 ECC82 ECC83 ECC85 ECC88 ECC99 ECF80 ECF82 ECF83 ECH81 ECL82 ECL86 EF14* EF37A EF40* EF40-T* EF80 EF804 EF806 EF83 EF86 EF89 EF93 EL33 EL34 EL34-450 EL34-500 EL35 EL37 x EL41* EL42* EL84 EL84-320 EL84-400 EL86 EL95 ELL80 EM34 EM80 EM81 EM84 EM87 EMM801 GM70* GM70-2* x GU50-300* x GU50-500* GU50-T* GZ30 GZ31 GZ32 GZ33 GZ34 GZ37 HL2* KR242* KT61 KT63 KT66 KT77-250 KT77-400 KT88 KT89 KT90 x KT90-400 KT120 KT120-T KT150 N709 PCC88 PCL86 x PL500* PL504* PP60 PX4* PX4-EML PX25* R120 S11E12-T U52 UM84 UX112A UX171A UX199 UX200A UX201 UX226 UX245 UX250 VT100 VT107 VT115 VT131 VT134 VT152 VT168 VT198 VT227 VT231 VT247 VT25 VT28 VT29 VT30 VT37 VT45 VT47 VT48 VT52 VT56 VT57 VT58 VT63 VT66 VT69 VT75 VT76 VT77 VT78 VT89 VT95 X99 YL1350


An asterisk (*) after a tube type number means that an optional Socket Adapter is required.